Laundering In Jamaica Essay

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There are significant social effects and risks linked with money laundering. The laundering of money is a way executed to making crime rewarding . It allows many drug traffickers, smugglers, and other criminals to emerge their operations. This event brings up the cost of government expenses due to the need for increased law enforcement and health care expenditures to tackle the serious consequences that may or have occurred. Among there’s other bad socio-economic effects, The laundering of money transfers economic power from the market, government, and citizens to criminals. Jamaica has a reputational damage relating to social effects such as crime and violence grow because of laundering of money where as the main type of laundering of money in Jamaica is lottery scam.
Lottery scamming is an increasing crime in Jamaica that had led to many deaths of person that associated their self with money fraud. Criminals that do lottery scamming in Jamaica are the ones who are fighting and kill each other because of greed, jealously etc. Lottery scam inputs may be Jamaica 's third largest foreign exchange earner, the expense of crime and
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Money laundering which often has money moving from Jamaica to anothercountry and causes misleading data which has an adverse impact on interest rates, exchange rate volatile and tracking becomes more uncertain positive relationship between the money laundering prevention initiatives and economic growth. If the level of investment is affected by high corruption then there is a decrease in economic growth risks factors within Jamaica that makes it an ideal destination to launder money. Money laundering hinders economic growth, there is no real

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