Social Effects Of Poverty

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As the world is increasing rapidly and people of the earth needs more facilities and materials for living in comfortable life, they are facing several social issues that is hard to overcome, poverty is the issue that majority of inhabitants are facing now. Definition of poverty is- “The state of one who lacks a usual or socially acceptable amount of money or material possessions” (Merriam-Websgter,no-data). Poverty is a problem that has been in the world for decades, and in several summit meetings world leaders and politicians stated that this issue must be reduced and ultimately to destroy it on earth, it has several effects that decreases people’s health, education level, life-style level and motivation for future life. Moreover poverty has…show more content…
As world is increasing tremendously prices are raising continuously day by day, as prices are at the top some poor people cannot supply themselves for good, healthy food as well as they cannot feed their children well with needful vitamins or healthy food, in addition studies costs money too, as a result inhabitants who is in poverty would become stressed as they cannot live normally as others, they try to change their financial position to better level by crime, for example robbery is one type of violent crime, now it is one of the major problems that poverty effects, as Taylor states “Poverty can lead to high levels of stress that in turn may lead individuals to commit theft, robbery, or other violent acts” (Taylor B,2006). Furthermore poverty effects on crime differently on different areas for example, there are high-poverty or low-poverty areas and in high-poverty areas there are more serious crimes than low-poverty regions, as Ludwig claims that in high-poverty areas there are 30-50 percent more criminal offences than in low-poverty regions and it…show more content…
Moreover, as United Nations reports, inhabitants of West-Asian or Saharan Africa countries which financial position is at a low level has more illiteracy rate than other developed countries, as a statistics there is 12.1% illiteracy rate in developed countries while, in poor countries that rate is 29.6% for sub-Saharan Africa and 18.5% for West Asia (United Nations,2011). Furthermore, as poverty effects to education young generation cannot get useful knowledge for their future as well as in order to eliminate poverty in their families, as a result poverty level not changes in country and even increases continuously year by year. Next effect is that people who are in poverty have less motivation to study that others as he or she has not good condition for studying, since poor person have no several materials, books or internet for studying he or she become stressful and wants to stop education in some cases, as statistics

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