Social Effects Of Single Parenthood

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Single parenthood affects children in our society. Single Parenthood results from divorce, out of wedlock, teenage pregnancy or from parent going to the United States. This occurs a lot here in Belize. Irresponsible single parents cause loss of values in children and make them grow with a wrong behavior and bad attitude. Sometimes single parenthood leads children to malnourishment. It affects them physically and psychologically. Income from just one parent is the cause of poverty in single parent families, leaving children without basic needs. Knowledge of the ideal culture leave children with a feeling of lost. Giving all the materials objects to them because the other parent migrated to the U.S. is not justification for the love and values they lose. Children need to grow up having values and who better than their own parents to teach them. Single parents do not give enough love and attention to them because they are engaged in other things. No supervision leads them to trouble and later on to crime. It takes a whole community to raise a child, a society also have an impact on behavior. The sociological perspective teaches that society shape the lives of people. Society help mold a child but both parents must be present to correct them and guide them in the appropriate direction. Stable patterns of behavior exist. If a child grows with an irresponsible single parent, they will develop into adulthood without values and see nothing wrong with single

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