Essay About Teenage Pregnancy In Thailand

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Did you ever wonder we found many illegal abortion clinic and baby's corpses that have been abandoned from newspaper and television news? It's a common in today's society? . An annual public health report show that Thailand has the second highest number of teenage births in Asian. The number of live births by Thai teenage mother aged 15-18 % increased 43% between 2000 and 2011. A shocking news that a community should be concerned about and aware of the quality of children's life. However the adolescent pregnancy due to several factor such as Absent parent, lack of knowledge, positive media or otherwise. Teenage Pregnancy is a seriously impact the future of a young woman, Causing the problem of high divorce, lacking skill need to handle a pregnancy and motherhood.
Early pregnancy while you studying is impact the future of young woman. It is one of the most difficult experiences that a young woman might ever face. Most of teen mom end with education dropouts because her mind filled with anxiety, not ready to learn and care about society's view.Incurrently our society not accept of a pregnancy adolescent. Teenage pregnancy is
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Love can happen everywhere every ages of life. Romantic relationship on adolescent risk for high divorce more than adult age because of low maturity, lack of social skill and emotion control. Adolescent is the age of curiosity. They like the excitement and emotional unstable, easy cause a complicate and unstable relationship. According to teenage pregnancy statistics from a study done by centers for disease control and prevention, about 48% of those who marry before age 18 are more likely to divorce within 10 years of marriage. There is only a 24% divorce rate for those who marry after the age of 24. Because marriage requires partners to be less selfish and move giving to themselves and their time, After they agreed to separate a teen mom will training to become a single

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