Social Effects Of Urbanization

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Urbanization is seen as an effect of the current globalization phenomenon, with social aspects as well as the economic ones, representing the migration process of the population organizing in urban areas, areas considered to be true centers of progress that offer multiple options to residents (Mădălina & Anca, 2012). Early accounts of globalization assumed that place no longer mattered, that new technologies like the internet would make the office tower and central business districts obsolete. Saskia Sassen suggested that the opposite is true. She argued that a globalized economy remains a place-bound economy and that a world urban system or network has developed in which cities become key in the production of a range of services (Tyler & Elvin, 2006). But it is clear that the same underlying forces that have accelerated the pace of globalization (in particular, information technologies and transportation changes) are also contributing to fundamental changes in urban spatial structure at regional levels within many countries, both developed and developing (Elena, 2015). Physical changes in land uses are to be observed as consequences of globalization (Michael, 2001), along with other factors, which is shaping the 21st century cities and urban design and planning practices. Grant and Nijman have discussed in “Globalization and the Corporate Geography of Cities” that the spatial (re)organization of cities and its relation to globalization takes a different form in different
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