Social Efficiency In Education

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Franklin Bobbit coined a term, Social Efficiency, that made educators learn and use scientific techniques of production in the curriculum. This would be the base for enhancing the learning of students to become functioning members of society. This essay examines the important features of social efficiency, the analogy of school, historical context of social efficiency, and the importance of evaluation; as well as, the impact it has made in American schooling. One important feature of social efficiency is the analogy of school where Franklin Bobbit compared a school to a factory. The raw product or material is the child and the factory worker is the teacher. To process the raw material (the child) the curriculum is needed. The final product…show more content…
According to the article, there are “five primary reasons why evaluation is important in the Social Efficiency ideology” (94). The first reason is accountability. Teachers get assessed whether or not the students’ needs are being satisfied. The second reason is science. Teachers need to make sure that their lessons or curriculum is reproducible, valid, reliable, and has proof that it works. Another reason evaluation is important is because teachers need to make sure the student is learning in sequence. The fourth reason is to provide feedback to students (and teachers) on how to adjust their behavior. Lastly, evaluation is needed to assess the standards of the student, teacher, and school…show more content…
Although social efficiency has been criticized, American schooling has been impacted by it. Social efficiency has sprung up the term of a practical education. It makes education operate efficiently and accountable to prepare people to be productive adults in society. Another impact would be that behavioral objects, behavioral management techniques, and objective quantitative research methods have arisen through social efficiency; which has been needed in education. Social efficiency is a hard subject to grasp, however, by understanding important features of it, one may have a better understanding of what it is or the reasoning behind it, what it looks like, and the impacts of it. Through social efficiency, we understand that schools were created to mimic factories. Four movements, social reform, utilitarian education, behavior psychology and scientific methodology influenced social efficiency. Lastly, understanding the importance of evaluation is key to social efficiency because people want to know if it is work. The society wants to see that children are being taught what they need to be functioning members of
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