Social Environment In Teacher Education

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There are two types of environment. One is physical environment. Physical environment covers infrastructure of the school building, class rooms, furniture, and other interior, teachers room, toilet; specially, women teacher’s toilets, playground of the students, computer facilities, telephone, fax, communication and location of the schools etc. physical environment is directly linked with job satisfaction. If one get favorable physical environment he or she may be satisfied with the job. Opposite is true that unfavorable working environment creates dissatisfaction.
Second type of environment is social environment. The social environment covers family support to the teachers, specially to the women teachers, teacher student relationship, interpersonal relationship among the colleagues, head teacher- assistant teacher’s relationship, and teacher guardian relationship, attitudes of the school managing Committee as well as the local elites. Thus, environment plays a vital role in the context of job satisfaction.
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These are to be organized by the educational organizations concerned and bodies – Council of Teacher Education (CET), Institute of Advanced Studies in Education (I.A.S.E.), District Institute of Education and Training (D.I.E.T), Regional Institute of Education (R.I.E), University Education Departments, National Council of Teacher Education (N.C.T.E), Indian Council of Social Sciences Research (I.C.S.S.R), National Council of Education and Research Training (N.C.E.R.T) and University Grants Commission (U.G.C) etc. These educational organizations and bodies should organize and coordinate these programmes and activities at regular intervals. As a result of this, the teachers will get proper acquaintance with the latest developments in the educational process with their theoretical and practical

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