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There are many social epidemiology factors that aggravate the risk of HIV like poverty, stigma and discrimination, lack of access to healthcare, and prisons and also for that type of family have drug abuse and risky sexual behavior also. Because of due to the reason of poverty young people cannot study in the small age and also they are easily habituated to drug abuse. Poverty also one of the factor of spread HIV because sexual relationship like sex relationship between young women and older men (Zamudio, 2006). Because of poverty the women easily sex with the men for earn a more money, without using a condom, so that way also more HIV spread.
People live with HIV because they are afraid to be tested. Homosexuality is majorly shown in many
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75% of black’s people the age between 18-64 were tested for HIV and reported even having been tested for HIV. On one of the research 17% black people living with HIV infected people and they don’t know about infection. 31% of Blacks people were tested HIV infection after their illness.
For prevention of that type of infectious disease we organize health education training or camp where educate the patient about how to transmit HIV from one person to another, and spread awareness in the community. To use flyers and instruct the people who are suffering from HIV via sigh and symbols and by this method it prevent the disease. There should be sticking the posters on the wall of public places like subways, bus station, garden and restaurants. We also start community center classes for community people who are not aware about HIV or who are suffering from HIV. To guide the patient about safe sex because mainly HIV is sexually transmitted disease. We educate the hospital nurses who treat HIV patient and use one needle in two patients. HIV is transmitted by infectious blood and when nurses use HIV infected patient’s needle in another patient than it is easy to transmit the

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