Social Equality In America Essay

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With the formation of LGBT and other groups promoting social equality, American culture has become increasingly accepting of different sexualities and individuals who refuse to conform to the unspoken norms of society; however, this does not necessarily mean that the social norms, themselves, are any different. In America, our society has the tendency to inflict impossible standards upon individuals for sexuality and morality through sexual scripts, heteronormativity, misconceptions about gender and slut shaming. It unrealistic to expect every person to have the same morality or sexual tendencies, yet it is common for people to be criticized or ridiculed for pursuing what they want. Morals and sexuality should be determined by the individual, not by society. The standard for sexuality and morality is an issue, but is often masked by the belief that it is not apparent Sexual scripts reflect social norms, beliefs, and reinforce social power in relationships by providing guidelines for sexual feelings and behaviors. Society promotes the men as the head in relationships, and it is common for the…show more content…
There are often arguments that these procedures are unnatural, immoral or not in God’s plan; however, it is difficult for someone to go along with typical gender roles, if who they are on the inside, does not reflect who they are on the outside. Our society tends to be unsympathetic towards people who cross-dress or transgender people, and are often upset by the idea of these individuals going into restrooms that do not reflect the sex that was given to them. American society promotes the idea that it is not normal for people to express themselves by the way that they feel on the inside, which is truly
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