Social Ethics: The Importance Of Ethics And Technology

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Years ago, as children we were taught to tell the difference between what’s right and what’s wrong, we were scolded and disciplined when doing something wrong such as stealing, lying and cheating. Therefore and as we grow up we learn the importance of ethics. The importance of behaving ethically all the time and in everything we do, say and think, for example when buying a bottle of milk from a supermarket to driving to filling an application. Ethical conducts are very necessary because of its large influence on today as well as the future. Good ethics guides us when taking a decision, it makes us who we are and it surly determines our future. Ethics are involved in today’s world in all aspects of life; in politics, medicine, law, religion and society. Ayn Rand, the Russian-American novelist and philosopher, states “Ethics is codes of values which guides our choices and actions and determine the purpose and course of our lives.” – (Rand, 2012) Social Ethics & technology Moreover, one of the most challenging ethical conducts that faces the society today are the social ethics, which are the principles that represent experiences of people and different cultures. The social ethics are the focus on what’s considered an appropriate behaviour for people as a whole within a society. Social ethics determines the relationship of people together in a specific community or society; it establishes a harmonious life within its members. Furthermore, due to the expansion of technology
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