Social Evils Of Poverty

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Poverty is the cause of social evils that weaken the internal structure of a society. It polarizes society into class difference. The dominant class asserts to solidify their superior position. The dominated classes both upper middle class and the lower middle, the backbone of all nations, become vulnerable. Resultantly, they lose the economic capability and lie in the poor class. It is obvious that the society’s internal stability depends on the sustainability of the middle class. The poor class increases in number with the weakness of the said middle. Ultimately, the rate of social evils increases, which may give rise to the downfall of the society.
In this regard, poverty alleviation is the prime objective a progressive government pursues. In this section, the perspective of poverty alleviation is widely investigated in accordance with the existing literature and the Quranic commandments.
Foysal defines poverty as, “Poverty is societal isolation, isolation from mainstream.” p.69
Accordingly, the societal isolation generates the sense of deprivation. It gives rise to the desperation. Thus, the desperate ones try to fulfill their aspirations through illegal means and activities.
Akmal defines poverty alleviation as,
“It is provision of the basic needs, community participation and community self-reliance through income generation activities and human resources development.” According to the said definition, the poverty alleviation is a comprehensive initiative to
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