Social Factors Affecting Apple

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Social Besides the many economic factors, there are also some social factors that will impact the future of the company. There are some of the social factors like changes in customers’ taste and preference, increase in number of population, population moving towards cities, increase in death/ birth rate. All of these factors will affect the company. The trend of the increasing popularity of mobile access is an opportunity (LOMBARDO, Panmore Institute, 2017) and therefore Apple has always kept up to date with the latest trend of design and technology. As the trends keep on going, so does the customer’s taste and preference of a certain product. Apple is well-known of its smartphone home button but the company needs to follow the trends like…show more content…
First of all, how changes in technology or technology advancement will affect the company? In the era of technology, technologies always have a short period of time. New tech will replace old tech immediately this is because companies from all over the globe strive to create a better future for the world with technology. If Apple Company did not upgrade their product more often or create a better technology for their upcoming products, they will not be able to outdo their competitors, the company will not be able to attract any customers from buying the products. Not only that, competitors of Apple will start offering cheap and alternative technology in their own products and services at a much lower cost. This will affect customers loss of interest towards Apple products as they find it no longer unique (Slideshare, 2016). Technological advancement has always force Apple Company to invest a lot in technology as it is largely invested in product research and development field to push the product’s ranking into a much higher rank through their innovative side. For example, one of the most innovative and technologically product will be the IPod touch as it is a big step towards the replacement of basic mp3 (Slideshare, 2014). If Apple Company did not put any pressure towards the research and development department, it is clear to say that without the advance technology, the company will become obsolete. It is a fact that trends of the marketplace are slowing developing into something much more greater. Here is an example of trend of technological development in the industry involved. The biggest trend of all that is developing is cloud computing. The benefits of cloud computing are just endless and it is right now one of the biggest trend of technology development. With cloud computing, it enables companies to share, store and consume resources easier, at a lower cost and with greater flexibility. Not
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