Social Factors In Wes Moore's Life

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Wes Moore is the author of a novel that talks about a man with the same name as him and how his life varies from his own. There are three special social factors that set good and bad Wes apart from each other. Also there was a positive impact on the bad Wes when he participated in Job Corps when he was at the campus but it did not last very long when he went back home. Which once Wes headed back down the negative path again it would ultimately lead to his life imprisonment. But it seemed like prison turned out to have a good impact on Wes’ life but it will impact his children’s lives forever. Finally, good Wes has gain familiarity after writing this novel but so much more happened. Social factors that set the Wes’ apart is religion, education and family. Closer to the end of the novel good Wes is on an airplane and when he was about to jump out he brought up that he was praying to God. Which would allow one to believe that Wes was a religious boy. Where bad Wes got a tattoo that was meant to mock God, and made it very clear that God never helped him which means that he must not be real. Good Wes was sent to a military school where he finished his high school degree that would lead to further education. This military school also taught Wes valuable life lessons, and how to keep himself out of trouble. Bad Wes was held back in high school …show more content…

In all reality good and bad Wes’ lives did not have to turn out they way they did. They would have done one thing throughout this whole life that could have changed everything they amounted to. I was really surprised at how much good Wes was able to turn his life around just because of military school. I would really like to know what would have happened to the bad Wes Moore if he would have been sent to military school or something like that when he started to act

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