Social Factors That Influence Individual Behaviour

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• Learning: The learning of individuals depends on the, knowledge, skills and intention. However, these skills are developed by practice whereas the intention and knowledge are obtained with the experience. There is also, cognitive and conditional learning. With the conditional learning, customers acquire learning from being conditioned to certain stimuli, for instance, when they are exposed to the same situation, over and over, they then develop a particular response towards it. However, with the cognitive learning the person applies all their knowledge, attitudes, skill, beliefs and values to find the solution of a problem and acquire satisfaction out of it (Business Jargon)..
• Attitudes and Beliefs: This is where a person have specific attitudes and beliefs towards a product from Coca Cola whereby the decisions of their purchase rests. These beliefs and attitudes tend to
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However, the society is make up a number of individuals whereby their preferences and behaviours are different. “These behaviours influence the personal preferences of the other set of individuals as they tend to perform those activities which are acceptable to the society” (Business Jargon).
Below are the important social factors that influence an individual behaviour one or the other way: • Family: Family members play an important role in designing the preferences and behaviour of an individual. It also offers the environment whereby the individual develop, develop personality and obtain values. Moreover, a child acquires their buying behaviour and preferences whereby thy watch their parents and want to buy the same products when they get bigger. However, family tend to influence the buying behaviour of a person in two ways: “ o Influences the personality, attitude, beliefs, characteristics of the individual. o Influences the decision making of an individual with respect to the purchase of certain goods and

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