Social Conglomeration In Today's Society

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Social fragmentation is very much present in today’s society and can lead to massive cultural and societal erosion. According to Booker (2012), “The world you see outside of you is a reflection of what you have inside of you.”The lack of equity within the nation, civil societies, communities, institutions, schools and even the household is seriously increasing social fragmentation. With social cohesion declining, this will increase the rates of social exclusion. Resulting in the less fortunate not benefiting from new opportunities created within the economy; thus leading to increased corruption, crime and lawlessness. In most cases the poor looses trust within the systems of the country whether economic, social or educational, they may even…show more content…
This in turn embitters a cycle of insecurity and social exclusion; influencing the levels of conflict, violence, class and racism by increasing their rates. Social fragmentation can infiltrates and erupt the society to a great extent from within a household cause ripples effects which would impact the nation. For example, domestic violence in the household can lead to crime, that crime and violence is within a community which can lead to more violence and crime this leads to division and massive corruption, massive corruption may be have no or very limited solution especially if the justice system is a failure and which in turn leads to civil conflict at a state level. It has happened in the pass and even presently social fragmentation keeps manifesting in our world and can be associated with the economic disruptions; according to Eitzen (2000/2009) who argued that, “There is an increasing gap between the rich and, the…show more content…
Until then, then society might realize that these same “blacks” which was forced out actually was the backbone of the community. But by that time it’s too late, families and homes are already broken leaving some members behind for long stretches and having very little or no resources to contribute to and aid in even sustaining community relations. This is so true, as it points out the reason why the home may become broken; according to Eitzen (2000/2009), “Fragmentation is also occurring within many families, where the members are increasingly disconnected from each other.” In search of a job and a better way of live, sometimes the parents leaving to seek, leaving the children with grandparents and other extended members. Nevertheless this us back to Booker and his understanding and value of family, the sacrifices made not only by blood relatives but by everyone in the community, he highlights the outcome when of when all is seen as one within a society; according to Booker (2012), “I want to thank the families…you are the one that make the day possible…each and every graduate have someone… who was there for them, who planted seeds in them, who nurture the ground in which they grew…you are responsible for them being

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