Globalization Of Coca-Cola In China

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Have you ever wondered why you can find a Coca Cola in China even if it is an American product? Have you ever wonder what is the process, how the borders are crossed and why, and what’s more, in which ways does it affects Chinese people? What would happen if the Chinese people decided that they do not want more sugar, would it affect the Americans? Nowadays, the world is a combination of many sovereign states integrated into a common market. Communication and transportation revolution combined with some political changes has led to a global flow of goods, people, values and capital. Some people see globalization as a way of maximizing trading benefits while others see it as an indicator of the end of the sovereign state and democracy. The aim…show more content…
However, nowadays, globalization due to the Industrial Revolution and the advances in transport and technologies has reached an unprecedented scope. Globalization can be explained in mainly 3 different areas: in politic, social and economic terms. In politic terms, globalization can refer to the shift of political activities from a single-nation level to a global level and it has been created international organization such as the United Nations. It has also tried to spread democracies all over the world. Social globalization describes an exchange of values, ideas and it has facilitated the promotion of equality, dignity and human rights. Finally, the major effect of globalization is produced in the world economy. The aim of globalization is the growth of the global economy by giving firms a superior competitive position with lower cost through free trade and by increasing the number of consumers, products and services. Some people said it helps developing nation-states to “catch up” the industrialized ones and it improves the overall standard of living. Nonetheless, there is a risk for smaller companies that cannot compete in an international market and world governments should promote international investments and try to eliminate barriers to trade even if it causes them some…show more content…
The outcomes of the globalization on the social, political and economic fields are unpredictable and we cannot not ensure that nation-states will remain as we know them today (as they are different from how they were one century ago). What we can ensure is that we are entering a brand new era of technological and scientific advances. We will probably need to evaluate how far we have gone and how far we are willing to go to impose globalization or democracies, what we are sure that are the best thing in the world, are not
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