Social Identity And Self-Categorization Theory: A Description Of The Conflict

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. Description of the Conflict This particular conflict ensued between members of my family. I come from a middle-income family background with staunch Christian beliefs. My father is an Associate Pastor and my mom a deaconess. Some years back my elder brother got a lady pregnant out of wedlock. Not only was she pregnant, she was from a staunch Muslim home, her Parents are wealthy with strong affiliation with the Oba of Lagos and was from a Polyandry background.
So many issues erupted; the lady’s family claimed that my brother purposely put their daughter in the family way to lay hold of their wealth, as she was the only girl out of her siblings. My Parents considered it a taboo for their son to marry from a Polyandry home and a Muslim background. The affinities between the two families were tribe and village origin. These were the meeting points at which the conflicts were eventually resolved.
B. Social Psychology Theory in this Context
The dominant theories at work here are the Social Identity and Self-Categorization theory.
Social Identity Theory – Tajfel (1971)
Wikipedia defines Social identity theory as “the portion of an individual 's self-concept derived from perceived membership in a relevant social group. It also states that Social identity theory is best described as a theory that predicts certain intergroup behaviours on the basis of perceived group status differences, the perceived legitimacy and stability of those status differences, and the perceived

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