My Family: Social Identity

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When I first heard the phrase “social identity” in class I thought more of being a part of a specific origin and ethnicity but really, social identity means much more than just your ethnicity. Social identity is what you relate yourself and your family to, not just the scientific definitions and norms. Although my family doesn 't identify with a specific origin, ethnicity, or identity as a family we all relate ourselves to many cultural identities together. On my mother’s side of the family they come from a German military family that isn’t very religious and on my Father’s side they come from a very catholic, left-wing family. My family is very interesting in the way that I grew up;this being said, I have grown up following many cultural…show more content…
I believe that these four cultural notions are really the bulk of what makes up my family and the way that we interact in life. First, my family’s tempo of work is much different than many families I have witnessed. Work to us is something that we take pride in and give it our best effort. Either at home doing work or at our place of employment, my family has always kept a great fast paced work ethic. Work to us has never been something that my family takes for granted; we always work very hard for our money, complete tasks on time, and never finish a project before we move on to new one. This fast pace tempo has allowed my family to be quite successful in life, even if that means working minimum-wage jobs. Another concept of culture that stands out in my family is our body language. I have learned from parents and grandparents that standing tall and proud is very prominent feature to have when it comes to body language. Growing up I was told that having good posture, an inviting stance, and a proud form would help me in any situation in life. I have definitely benefited from this concept that was derived from my family 's cultural notions. Especially when it comes to approaching a potential job interviewee, my body language has said to be very enticing and has definitely helped in the process of being considered for a job. My family’s arrangement of physical space I have noticed is quite different from your average families’. My family is very “one-sided” per say when it comes to personal or physical space. What I mean by this is that my family is very inviting and gives hugs to people that we even first meet. It’s something I have always noticed in my family that differs from a lot of other families. Sometimes we don’t necessarily understand or realize that some
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