The Benefits Of Choral Singing

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The popularity of choral singing has increased throughout the years due to choirs gearing towards high schools and teenagers instead of traditional songs in churches. As popularity grows, so does the opportunity for diverse groups of people to come together to learn from each other while creating beautiful music. Social identity, a sense of self based off of group membership, is greatly emphasized in choir due to every aspect taking a great amount of effort and dedication from every single member. Choral singing is a artform that requires socialization and trust; furthermore, it is the most ideal activity for developing social identity in creative teenage girls. The ideal activity for developing social identity in teenage girls must provide…show more content…
In addition to a sense of community, “singing holds a strong social function, and choral singers experience social approval, belonging, and acceptance” (Parker). Social acceptance is essential to developing a social identity because not being accepted may lead to a person changing how they act around other people. Choir provides that sense of acceptance due to being surrounded by people who have similar interests. On the other hand, choral singing also attracts a diverse group of people from many different backgrounds. The large amount of different views allows for a teenager to gain different perspectives and thoughts which will contribute to her social identity and how she acts around other people. Being around familiar people will ensure comfort in the activity and better allow for a person to act as she would around her close friends. Being around unfamiliar people challenges a person to interact with others that may have different views and ways of living than her; furthermore, these different actions cause a person’s social identity to be ever changing and developing depending on who she is around. Many believe that art classes are the ideal activity for creative teenage girls in regards to developing social identity; however, art is quite a private, individual activity. Choir provides a better platform for developing a social identity due to…show more content…
There is a direct correlation between personality and social identity. If people do not have a sense of social identity, they tend to be more reserved and introverted in regards to personality. An ideal activity will allow for a teenage girl to form her personality which will directly impact her social identity. Many conditions impact social identity. Some of those conditions include: “earned membership, shared awareness of pride, and development of self-esteem” (Major). Pride and self-esteem are very common traits in regards to personality. Choir members are able to gain a sense of pride by making music and performing as a group. This communal sense of pride is very important when it comes to feeling socially accepted; therefore, choir provides opportunities to increase one’s confidence in social situations. In addition, choral singers tend to be very supportive to their fellow members. Correspondingly, self-esteem will increase greatly after becoming part of a choir. Choir is the ideal activity because the singers learn how to work together while being confident in their individual abilities. That confidence shapes a teenager’s idea of what her place is socially. Some may believe that any performing arts activity will shape a teenager’s personality and social identity. While this assertion may be true, choir provides the best

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