Social Identity In Teenage Girls

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The popularity of choral singing has increased throughout the years due to choirs gearing towards high schools and teenagers instead of traditional songs in churches. As popularity grows, so does the opportunity for diverse groups of people to come together to learn from each other while creating beautiful music. Social identity, a sense of self based off of group membership, is greatly emphasized in choir due to every aspect taking a great amount of effort and dedication from every single member. Choral singing is a artform that requires socialization and trust; furthermore, it is the most ideal activity for developing social identity in creative teenage girls. The ideal activity for developing social identity in teenage girls must provide a sense of community. Social identity heavily relies on group experiences; therefore, without community, social identity will not be formed which will lead to a lack of self-awareness and social skills. Singing in a choir allows for bonding with the other members through the “shared love of music, unified purpose, and contextual conditions, such as time spent together, the size of the group, and the intensity of rehearsal” (Major). Many choral singers spend late nights rehearsing music at school, so it is quite a time consuming activity. All of that time is spent with the other members of the choir; therefore, a family is formed. The closeness in each choir allows for the members to gain friends and learn social skills. In addition,
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