Social Identity Theory In The Military

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The diversity issue I experienced that I feel relate to these theories was a Social Identity Theory. “Social identity theory is a cognitive social, psychological theory that originated in Europe…It provides the connection between social structures and individual identity through the meanings people attach to their membership in identity groups such as those formed by race, ethnicity, or gender” (Mor Barak, 2014, p. 163). When I first entered the military in 1990 I can recall how when we all was placed in this large room (reception station) to be processed into the military, at first there was some hesitation to speak with any of the guys in the room. However when that wore off people begin to converse, but what was apparent was
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One thing that was evident we had to remove all the identity crutches we had either taught to us growing up, or just felt it was the way it was supposed to be. For me, my Drill Sergeant (Small group leader) made my battle buddy a country guy from Alabama this was the guy I had to trust with my life. We were suppose assist each other to grow in the military, as well as teach each other about our culture. In order to be successful in this new career choice we had made, we had to not just go to the motions, but truly become a team in all we do. There were 30 of us in a platoon and we had learned that if one of us was late, made a mistake (regardless of race), we all suffer the consequences. It didn’t happen overnight (only through long nights and days), but there became a time when we didn’t focus on our social identity of one another, but we was one section in a group. One event that has always stuck out to me was the days we had to spend in the field (camping team building), you had to sleep in this small tent with your battle buddy. I recall my fears of snakes and although there were times when he would mess with me regarding my phobia, having him to help me learn things about nature was amazing. This occurred towards the end of our time and when we returned, our outlook on people was changed, I cannot truly attest for everyone in the training, but it really helps shape my views of people from all over the

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