Technology And Communication Analysis

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The new communications technologies that are based on computers, multimedia computers, local area networks (LANs), Internet, digital TV) that could be clear operationally as systems and resources are for processing, storage and diffusion of digitised information that is based on use of computer technology, are causing reflective changes and alterations of social and cultural nature, as well as economic. To such an extent the social impact of new technologies is so controlling that states are entering into a new period or stage of human civilisation, which is assumed as the "knowledge society" (Boyd and Crawford, 2012).
It is noted that the way we communicate each other has changed forever. However, the proximity of email has exchanged the
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Examples to highlight in assignment
Przybylski and Weinstein (2013) have stated that the commination technological advancements have supported massive number of people to connect over distant people through mobile phones as this aspect shows that how frequent presence of such devices in social settings influences the face-to-face interactions. It is evaluated that the degree to which the simple presence of mobile communication devices shape the relationship quality along with the dyadic settings.
Different ways through which people communicate, has transformed significantly; particularly stating to the tools and devices used to cut the distance and time communication. The advent of instant messaging is one of the protagonists of change in attitude and that some devotion to the mobile. Tools and applications like WhatsApp , Line or Telegram have created followers of all ages, and together with others such as Facebook Messenger or Hangout (which allow to speak from a mobile with someone who is connected to a tablet to a computer, to another mobile or vice versa), create an unimaginable communication landscape 15 years ago (Przybylski and Weinstein,
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There is a Lenski’s evolutionary theory, which states that society evolves with respect to change in social environment and natural environment. This sociocultural change is based on innovation and extinctions. The innovation includes the technologies, institutions, social practices and believes of the system (Elwell, 2013). ii. According to Max Weber, sociology is a science of social action and he believed the understanding that why people perform such things is assumed as the basic building block of sociology, which is basically a concept termed as Verstehen. He further believed that the sociologists must not just study the group of people but also try to achieve an assumed understanding for the individuals in that group (Elwell, 2013). iii. Marx also emphasis on the process of social change, which is assumed as the central thinking, which it notifies as the force of history as Marx is not mainly seen in extra-human agency. The process of production, however, can do only for the relationship with others, which makes man in establishing its nature with the help of reflected social relationships (Elwell, 2013).
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