Social Impact Of Film's Impact On The Film Industry

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Question "What is the social impact of films and what do you feel is the main social/societal responsibility of the producing studio in the films it releases? It is no doubt that films have become an essential part of the modern world. The film industry has grown tremendously over the years. This has been expedited by the growing demand for different types of movies. Indeed, like many other sectors, films have gone through a series of evolution. Every person can relate to a particular film type, be it for educational or entertainment purpose. The types can be classified into various fields such as motivational, action films, contemporary films, comedy, drama and romantic films among others. Films have had, and still have a great impact on the society today. The social impact of films on the society is numerous if not innumerable.…show more content…
Richard described the cultural trend, Social Impact Entertainment as the use of entertainment to impact positively on communities and societies. William further suggested that Social Impact Entertainment meant the intentional use of entertainment to deliver social changes. The impact of movies in the society today includes both positive and negative ones. These positive impacts include but are not limited to facilitation of cultural diffusion across the globe, imparting certain ethical values on the society, promoting socialization among the people, behavioral change, as well as inspirational and educational effects. However, films also have negative impacts such as promotion of violence among the youth, increase in number of sexually active teenagers and promotion of some negative values in the

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