Impact Of Search Engine Marketing And Social Media On Marketing

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Impact of Search Engine Marketing and Social Media on Marketing Communication and Cost-Effectiveness over SMEs.

This section presents a narrative view of existing systematic reviews on the various impact of search engine marketing (Google adwords) and social media (Facebook) on marketing communication and cost-effectiveness over small- medium enterprises.
Over half of the 50th richest people in the world made their fortunes on the Internet. Many people have taken to the Internet gold rush after the Internet has become widely used in our life. Even though it is a virtual world, its impact is real. Internet marketing is broken down into three specialized areas: SEM (Search Engine Marketing), E-mail marketing, and social media marketing. (Whittaker,
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Traditional marketing channels like magazines are changing their form to digital gradually and advertisers are using more online tools and channels. Kibuchi 2016 case study on Online Marketing Communication Plan Amanihoiva Kotipalvelu Oy, According to Egan, Marketing communication study, means ways by which sellers of either goods or services are able to present an image of themselves to potential buyers. The main aim is to encourage a conversation that can lead to better business or other relationship. Egan, 2007 Online marketing is a piece of direct advertising which places endeavors on market items and services and builds client connections over the Internet. As the utilization of the internet in regular day to day existence is expanding, the use of web advertising in the day to day operations of organizations is likewise turning out to be increasingly popular. The excellent utilization of the Internet significantly affects clients and additionally on the advertisers who serve…show more content…
Business owners need strategies on how to use Internet marketing to promote and their products or services. The world of marketing has been altered by online marketing strategies as not only large group can benefit of them. In fact, an online marketing campaign can be run with a small budget. The main expanse is the time consuming or human resources meaning that anyone can technically build an effective online presence. Online marketing is a tool that in addition to be cost effective, can permit to reach a target everywhere in the world. The consumers are invited to share their feedbacks, spread the information and participate to the brand image development of the company. For this last reason, the success of online marketing strategies is also based on the fidelity and activity of the consumers on social networks the reviewer noted that further research could be done in collecting data for the companies involved in regard to which online marketing strategy is most effective for them both Google adwords and

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