Social Impact Of Tourism Essay

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Social impact of tourism development on the host communities of Idanre Hills
Findings from the study indicated that tourism activities in Idanre Hills have both negative and positive impacts. Adoption of foreign words in daily vocabulary and increased rate of alcoholism were the significant negative social impacts, this supports the assertion of Dorgan (1989) cited in Türker and Öztürk (2013) that residents identity such as habit, values, daily routine is often lost through their interaction with tourists while Brunt and Courtney (1999) have it that impacts on residents way of life is inevitable. The result also corroborates the findings of Tosun (2002), Türker and Öztürk (2013) on Tourism impacts in Turkey that high rate of alcoholism
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And for it to be successful in Nigeria, he noted that the economic impact of tourism development on host communities should be one of the considerations in order to achieve maximum benefit and visitors’ experience. The age class, marital status and education level of the residents had the significant influence on their perception of the economic impact of tourism development on the tourism destination amidst other demographic characteristics. It was observed that community members crave for the provision, maintenance and proper management of the available resources that could bring about the development of the society. However, most of them are more concerned about their community development, rather than tourism itself. Thus, the residents denied the fact that interrelationship existed between tourism development and community development. Moreover, Ajadi (2012) argued that the provisions of tourism infrastructure are essential because the development of a tourism destination is largely dependent upon the availability of infrastructure and tourism resources. Infrastructures are fundamental requirements for development which help to improve the standard of living of residents and their communities as well as satisfying the tourist’s experience (Colak and Aydinoglu,

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