Social Factors Affect People's Perceptions

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Undeniably, many social factors had penetrated into our society and became globe issues, such as the aging population, they mainly affect the major working class who were the adult groups; most of them may need to take care of their family and also taken the economic burden of their parents’ family. Many health problems were appeared from the stressful environments and the norms of societies. In this essay we are going to determine how the social factors affect people’s conditions which mainly focus on how people’s perceptions are changed based on the society conceptualization. This essay is composed of three parts, we will discuss the definition of health and how the gender affect to health, second part the impact from economic position.”…show more content…
Easily define as “normal functioning of the body” or “absence of disease”? According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the definition of health is “Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, not merely the absence of disease of infirmity.”(WHO, 1986, P.1) this definition can be strengthen by the Social Model of Health, it expresses that “health” is related to our daily life and believes, these factors are: people’s culture and belief, level of income, access to housing, educational background and opportunities, the condition and environment which people live. It reminds many people from reconsidering if they are conforming to the standard of health. Being sick means suffering from illness and having disease; Illness can be precisely defined as the feeling and experience of patients and disease can define as the abnormalities and infection of the body which can treated by medical treatment and diagnosed by medical health workers. According to Parson’s sick role, being sick is a deviance as the patient have to absent of their duties and that will affect the proper functioning of society. For reinstate the society’s orders, people create a system of solutions and perspective to minimize the effect created by “being sick” for example lecturer absent for class as being sick, the school will arrange a makeup class for students. The system leads people go to clinic seek for medical help and legitimately to have rest days. On the other hands, the society and the employers will permit patient absent for work and except they will follow doctor’s directive and recover

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