Social Impact On Social Entrepreneurship

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This book report should help the readers to mind the gap and leads social entrepreneurs into social impact assessment through a better knowledge of models that could support them in driving the process of being a social entrepreneur. It addresses entrepreneurs’, managers and practitioners who might encounter this issue in their everyday work. Aside from entrepreneurs, this book report should also help the scholars and academics, who can further develop and improve their knowledge about the social entrepreneurship. First of all, you need to learn what social entrepreneurship means. Social Entrepreneurship is just like an entrepreneurship that the mission is to generate wealth and entrepreneurs’ personal wealth. However, Social Entrepreneurship…show more content…
Aside from those things, the people should find an appropriate response to climate change and the decreasing of natural resources. The emergence of new needs is what the social entrepreneurs need to find a solution by creating an innovative idea on solving these problems. An entrepreneur finds an alternative approach to sustainable development which changes their entrepreneurial behavior and practices within the context of social rather than personal gain which makes them a social entrepreneurship. Aside from that, Social Entrepreneurs need to be market oriented in order to survive in the business world. Being a market oriented means to be able to adopt on people’s behavior, new trends, and changing place in order to address those needs. Being a social entrepreneur means that you need to know how to adapt in the market in order to create a strategy. Being a market oriented has played a significant role on the phenomenon of social economy. The term social economy is different from social market economy because this both term can get the people easily confused with these two terms. Social economy is defined as part of the economy that works alongside the market and the state. It is also a set of organizations that…show more content…
The terminology uses in social entrepreneurship can be a problem because they can be used interchangeably with the terms; social entrepreneurship, social entrepreneur, social enterprise and social innovation. The social entrepreneurship means a process or behavior while a social entrepreneur is the one who form the enterprise or the one who founded and make the initiative to have a non-profit organization. The Social Entrepreneurship can be grouped into four variables: The domain of social entrepreneurship, the characteristics of individual social entrepreneurs, the object of social enterprises, and lastly the innovative approach. The identification of a proper domain of social entrepreneurship is an important issue for scholars because it can be defined in narrow and broad definitions. The sample broad definition came from the author Haugh, it states that “social enterprise is a collective term for a range of organizations that trade for a social purpose in life. They adapt one of a variety of different legal formats but have in common the principles of pursuing business – led solutions to achieve social aims, and the reinvestment of a surplus for community benefit while a narrow definition states that “Social Entrepreneurs differs from te

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