Social Impact On Social Media And Teenagers

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ISU Part I - Research
Ben Friedrich 11/24/16
Social Impact on social media and teens:
Teens use social media as a mainstream way of communicating with each other. It has become the ultimate and definitive way to communicate and make important announcements that could impact the user directly. In fact, if someone is not involved in social media, it could result in social isolation. Since every teen is somehow involved in social media, it is extremely difficult to combat this. Social media is also affecting teen’s verbal social skills. Words spoken are only 10-20% of communication. Other factors such as facial expression and the levels of volume tell majority of the story. So typing and texting is an extremely poor way of carrying out a conversation. When one who uses social media often is forced to communicate verbally it can be extremely overwhelming which can lead to social anxiety and/or social awkwardness. Cyberbullying is increased due to social media. Now cyberbullies have the ability to harass anyone, anywhere at any time. This leads to higher suicide rates and more teens taking their own lives. This can be hindering to romantic relationships as well. Social media redefines what it means to fall in love or learn to be in a functioning relationship. In conclusion, social media is overall bad for teens.
How Using Social Media Affects
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