Social Impacts Of Migration In Society

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ABSTRACT: Migration is an equilibrium process which reduces regional disparities at different stages of development and a process which is as old as human civilization. Migration including refugee flows, asylum seekers, internal displacement and development induced displacement has increased considerably in volume and political significance since the end of the cold war. It has become an integral part of North – South relationships and is closely linked to current processes of global social transformation. This makes it as important for sociologists to develop empirical research and analysis on migration as it is to include it in their theoretical understandings of contemporary society. The study of migration is linked to research on economic…show more content…
At one level the impacts that have been felt in Jobs, public services and so on tend indirectly tocolour the way in which individuals sense the impacts on the communities in which they live and work. This may be felt by some more than others, depending on whether immigrants are perceived to have brought competition or choice to local communities. Greater pressures in objectively measured employment markets are likely to flow through into subjective felt anxieties about local communities. The same is also true when looking at how local community relations are viewed and affected by national political debates about immigration. The social Impacts of immigration are also felt in a more direct manner. This can be seen when examining peoples sentiment towards their local neighbourhoods and specifically how far they feel that those around them are pulling together and can be trusted and relied on when needed “ Togetherness “ as this has been dubbed has frequently probed by researchers . Partly in order to pin down its essence, but also to isolate what is most likely to reinforce or unsettle this sentiment. It is notoriously tricks to measure give that feelings of common purpose are often reflection of prosperous communities laced with efficient public…show more content…
The effects of migration are seen in both the societies that people leave called „sending societies‟, and those in which they settle, called „receiving societies‟. These societies are not always countries or nation. People may for instance, move from a rural society, such as a village, to an urban one, such as a city, within the same country. The impacts of these internal moves may be as serious for the villages as international movements are for notion. The Impacts of migration are now so important that an academic discipline has developed around the study of human movement. This discipline is called sociology of migration or migration studies, and has brought together the skills

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