Social Impacts Of The Positive Social Effects Of Team Sports

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The purpose of this essay is to find out what the social effects of team sports are. I will be looking at information gathered from various websites. I chose to research this topic because I am a young athlete and I am eager to learn and improve my social skills and my sporting skills. My hypothesis is that team sports have positive social effects on people and also affect them positively in different ways. In this report I am going to talk about the positive and negative social effects on team sports and also how it influences athletes academics. My first point is what are the positive social effects of team sports? Team sports positively impact athletes social lives. There a key factors that are influenced by team sports; They are teamwork, communication skills, decisive action, time management. These are important because they teach athletes teamwork which is important in business and jobs, communication skills which is helpful in any part of life because being able to get your point across effectively makes you look good for business and sports, decisive action helps to make quick, smart decisions in pressure situations, athletes use this all the time in sport and bringing it in to social skills helps every decision you make. The last one is time management, time management is used in sports because athletes have a full timetable where they have to handle trainings, games, conditioning and their social lives. Athletes get really good at Managing time and this is

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