Social Impact Of E-Commerce On Society

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Social implications of e-commerce on society
Changing customer perspective
With e-commerce, some customers may be afraid of using e-commerce sites (because of issues such as fraud, and internet scams, identity theft etc.) to purchase products online. Issues like these effect e-commerce websites as they would have to change their customer’s perspectives on buying products online, as well as just their specific e-commerce website. In order to attract customers to e-commerce websites such as eBay, Amazon, or, the website should promise to provide added value – products that the e-commerce website sells could have lower prices than in original stores, for example, a book can be £7.99 in an traditional store, but on the e-commerce website
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Customers may feel awry of inputting their personal details into e-commerce website as they may be afraid of issues such as identity theft or fraud and even their purchased items not being delivered to them. Moreover, when it comes to accessing quality and fit without actual product, customers may feel that not being able to try their purchased items such as clothing may be an issue as they would be unsure if the piece of clothing would fit them. This goes the same for products like food; some customers would prefer to view their products before buying them. Further drawbacks could be reliance on deliver services. As customers place their orders online and expect their goods to be delivered, they have to rely on the delivery service. At times deliveries could be delivered to customers late or their items could be damaged, making customers think twice about relying on e-commerce sites for shopping. As their items have to be delivered, some customers may want their deliveries posted at specific times such as for Christmas or a special event, and if their items are delivered late it disappoints the customers. Impact on employment is a drawback as less staff is hired for the business, an ecommerce business would only need to hire staff to deal with the deliveries, therefore hiring big amounts of staff is unnecessary. With

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