Causes Of Labor Migration

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Labor migration refers to the movement of people across international boundaries and has emerged as one of the major issues and has affected the economic, cultural, and social aspects of most countries.
Economic implications occur such as ‘brain drain’, a slang-term use to define the migration of skilled human resources for trade, education etc. An example of ‘brain drain’ would be trained professionals in healthcare is needed around the globe but higher salaries, better standards of living quality, new technologies attracts skilled professionals from developing countries to developed countries. In the UK, a third of the doctors were in fact trained overseas. This resulted in a lack of medic personnel in developing countries, thus compounding
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Such behavior is also known as xenophobia. Xenophobia is defined as the prejudice against people from other countries, religions or race. It is the fear of losing one’s culture and coherence. This is also fueled by one’s obsessions in maintaining their own cultural superiority. Xenophobia can be caused by upbringing or traumatic experience. Poor upbringing at an early age, which focused on strict traditional practices is probably one of the major causes. Traumatic experience such as wars, accidents or any events associated with strangers from a different group may be causes of xenophobia. One such case would be the September 11 bombings. An article from New York Times said that hate crimes against American Muslims have soared to their highest levels after the September 11 attacks. This was primarily due to the loss of many American lives which in turn resulted in hatred and negative stereotype towards the…show more content…
An article revealed that Australia’s immigrant population amounts to 54%, which is half of its current population. Thus, Australia Department of Immigration launched several settlement policies such as the Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) which allow migrants to have up to 510 hours of English tuition. Similarly in Singapore, the Social Development Initiative Academy’s Everyday English program offers free courses for migrant workers to become more proficient in English. These initiatives from both countries ensures migrant workers to communicate with their peers better, thus able to assimilate into the society.
On the other hand, both countries still have differences in their integration and settlement policies. One of them would be the Integration and Naturalization Champions (INC) initiate by the People’s Association. The INC’s regularly reach out to mew citizens/PRs by conducting house visits and invite them to participate in various grassroots activities to expand their social network. These activities include welcome tea parties as well as festive celebrations. Whereas, Australia does not have such programs which might be due to the size of the country. As such, different people from different countries may not interact with each other, as they tend to congregate in certain

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