Social Implications Of Socio-Cultural Psychology

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As you all know, psychologists use many different approaches to understand and explain human behavior, and I am going to talk about the social implications of socio-cultural psychology. The socio-cultural perspective, also known as cultural psychology is one of the many approaches that psychologists use to understanding why humans behave the way they do.3 Cultural psychology looks to understand human behavior and personality by examining the rules of the social group. Some of the factors that cultural psychologists try to focus are race, ethnicity, gender, family, and traditions. In addition, the socio-cultural perspective can also help explain how a similar behavior can be interpreted differently in two countries.3
Since socio-cultural psychology itself is such a broad and complex topic to talk about, I have decided to talk about three aspects of socio-cultural psychology: Cultural Psychology in Social Interactions, Verbal Insults in Cultural Psychology, and Advertising Appeals in Individualistic and Collectivistic Societies.

Cultural Psychology in Social Interactions
On March 26-28, the junior and senior class had to go on a field trip in Jeapra and the psychology students, including myself were assigned to observe two students. Luckily, I got one Westerner called Katie and one Asian called Ju Hoon, which has helped me prove my point in social interactions for cultural psychology. Hot cultured people are collectivistic and are more relationship oriented than cold
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