Social Implications Of Tourism In Jammu And Kashmir

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Social Implications of Tourism in Jammu and Kashmir!
Tourism is a socio-cultural event for the tourists and the hosts. It plays a vi¬tal role in social change and brings gradual and radical changes in the cultural values and traditions of the people. The impact is, however, more marked in the lesser developed societies of the developing countries. Tourism in Jammu and Kashmir often has significant cultural implications (restoration of historical and archaeological monuments), social and political understanding.
According to a study conducted by the UNESCO, the relationship be¬tween hosts and guests in the destination areas can be characterized by five main features:
(i) They involve transitory relationship. Tourists come to a place or region for a short-period, so an interaction between hosts and guests has little chance to progress beyond casual and superficial level,
(ii) There are spatial and temporal constraints to visitor-host interaction. The hospitality business often becomes exploitative to take the advantage of the seasonal character of tourism here. Tourism facilities and services are concentrated in a few locations,
(iii) The visitor-resident meetings lack the spontaneity associ¬ated with individual schedules. Package tours, planned interactions and scheduled meetings may be arranged but these are only controlled events and finally become commercial in nature,
(iv) The meeting and visitors and resi¬dents is general an unequal and unbalanced

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