Social Indifference In Modern Society

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Social apathy that is defined as lacking of care about others’ situation has frequently been shown in the media and arouse public attention in recent years. People tend not to help others who are facing trouble or injury as well as participate in charity works. The sense of mutual support seems to be weakening. This essay will argue that the indifference in modern society is a worldwide issue. The reasons for this are threefold: first, the negative effect on the individual; second, the decline of society issue; and third, the threat of public safety. The influence of social indifference can discourage people from assisting each other. Reluctance to concern those who are facing trouble in the community seems cause others to underestimate the value of assistance. As a result, they are discouraged to aid for difficulties because of the nonchalant attitude of human in today’s society. The Economist (2013) states that “especially in the cities, if someone collapses from sudden illness, or if someone is hit by a car, lots of people will gather around, some will even take delight, but very few will be willing to extend a helping hand” (para 1). This phenomenon can be seen in today’s world. For example, a two-year-old Chinese girl called Wang Yue was ran over by two vehicles in 2011 while eighteen passer-by ignored and walked past her, and she eventually died after eight days because of delayed treatment. This shows the atmosphere of social apathy may be formed when everyone in the
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