Social Inequality Case Study

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Pressed by social inequalities and saved by Technology; or is it? Written by Nkululeko Goqo 19 September 2013 A short original case related study (phantom story-line) created for Information Technology Auditing deliberations. Damn!!! Yelled Sbongiseni Mbambo, as he heard the sirens shrieks from afar after he was tipped that the ‘now’ disbanded scorpions were on his trail, gasping, pacing up and down is his dilapidated condominium. He swung himself across the room, like a pendulum, grabbing his latest MacBook Pro that boasts a Retina display built entirely around flash architecture, dumping it in boiling water to save his skin. Earlier that day, Zakhele Madida had written a song with Unleash Records, aimed at addressing the issues surrounding social exclusion and social inequalities. He had hoped that folks would heed his call and put a screeching end to their technological crimes, a sound that would echo so loud catching all of them in a slipstream and would be plucked to better living. Zakhele understood that social inequality is linked to racial inequality, gender inequality, and wealth inequality. It refers to the processes in society that have the effect of limiting or harming a group’s social class, social statuses, that even extend to prohibiting access to basic needs, like education and others. “We are tired of our brothers becoming embroiled in crimes, becoming the hood-rats that have mastered the sewerage pipes of Westville Prison. Inequalities have
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