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Introduction This paper considers the issues of social mobility as a multifaceted phenomenon, social mobility not only pertains to the idea of an individual moving between different status of the society based on his/her social and economic wellbeing, the paper does not disregard social mobility from economic point of view and upholds the stance that economic conditions also play a very important part in shaping up the social status of an individual. Furthermore the paper tries to draw a comparison between the United States of America and other developed nations in the West in terms of social mobility, taking into account different factors which may contribute towards one country being a more mobile society than others in terms of changing within the social stratums. According to Davis and Moore (1945) the movement of individuals, households or a group of people between different strata of the…show more content…
The dynamics of social mobility can be explained by classifying it in terms of the differing types of factors that may contribute towards a change. Economic conditions explains the social status of an individual in terms of intergenerational mobility and intra-generational mobility, if an individual is better or worst social status than his or her earlier generations than it would be inter-generational social mobility, if the individual 's socio-economic condition changes within the same generation over time it will be intra-generational. Conventional wisdom suggests that there are very less barriers in the United States for upward social mobility as compared to other developed nations. There are numerous examples of immigrants who moved to the United States with very little knowledge of the language and money, but through hard work they climbed up the social

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