Social Inequality In America Essay

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Racism may be steered towards a certain race now in America, but it makes an impact on people all over the country. The topic of social inequality is important to bring awareness to as it not only affects teens in modern America, but changes society’s views of tolerance and acceptance, and impacts how author’s influence readers about the topic. Racism is once again a popular topic in this country and is getting worse than it was before. Racism has turned into killing of black man and police officers. This is resulting in violent protesting. The youth of our country are the most influential people and they are being deeply impacted by the topic of racism. Teens often look up to national celebrities, such as football players. Certain football…show more content…
For example, a very influential football player Colin Kaepernick stated that he will not stand for the national anthem until the flags represents what it should represent. He is doing this to bring awareness to the Black Lives Matter movement. Kaepernick believes that the racial inequality in our country is not good and he won’t stand for the national anthem until the issue is resolved.However, the way he is choosing to bring attention to his topic is interrupting peace and insulting the United States. He is encouraging and motivating the Black Lives Matter group even though they result in creating conflict and mayhem in our country involving the police. Colin Kaepernick can find other ways to bring attention to a belief of his. Along with Colin Kaepernick, another football player who can impact teens named Richard Sherman explained how no one should be pointing fingers and attacking other people. He describes how we should deal with our problems as people and these people should resort to peaceful matters not killing, riots, and violence. These two professional football players have two completely different ideas on resolving racism in America. As a result, teens will choose a side on this topic depending on what player they look up to and
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