Social Inequality In Dracula

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Since Dracula was written in the Victorian era it’s important to acknowledge the differences between our societal hierarchies. This major difference allows certain people to have more control over one another which leads to conflicts. Allowing people to have control leads to dehumanization which further causes inequality. Bram Stoker introduces Dracula 's character as a noble count who enjoys staying in Transylvania due to his well known fame. This position of power ultimately allows Dracula to plot monstrous schemes revolving Jonathan Harker, however, Harkers living testimony reveals Dracula 's true nature as a bloodthirsty vampire. Interestingly even after Mina is helping track Dracula, the men limit Mina regarding the situation due to her being a women. This example of how the men treat Mina is crucial because the men have a higher societal power they pre-determinately judge Mina 's role. Stoker uses Dracula along with Jonathan 's relationship with Mina to introduce the concept on how easily someone is controlled due to the social hierarchy. This proves the world is unjust although modern times have started to change societies monstrous prejudices that result in dehumanization. In the first place, it’s easy to say Jonathan is naive for not realizing Dracula is a vampire although in reality because we have read the title we have a decent expectation of what the plot will contain. Bram Stoker made Dracula 's lineage as a nobleman crucial because this allows Dracula to set
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