How Social Factors Affect People's Health Status

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In this essay, I would like to talk about how one’s health status is determined by social factors regarding as gender roles and economic positions. Nowadays, health comes to a concern. For example, most people are aware of the effect of having bad habits such as smoking and drinking together with they are willing to spend money on preventing to suffer from disease like inoculation. However, because of gender roles and economic positions, these factors will affect people to make decision on keeping healthy. In this case, analyzing how these factors lead to poor health conditions is the first step to have deep understanding on this. More importantly, suggestion would be given to deal with the issue about health inequality.
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Under biomedical model, it focuses on biological processes that affect health rather than social factors. It is believed that if the cause of disease is already removed, people will recover. Therefore, because of deep analysis like in genetic level on illness, it undoubtedly increases the senses on illness so that people can avoid suffering from diseases. Then, social model puts emphasis on people’s social background ranging from culture to education level and environment factors. Let say if somebody has insomnia; we will consider whether it is caused by the heavy pressure on daily life or simply because of the environment leading to insomnia such as noise and bright light. These social matters inspire people to improve their living environment and realize the social causes resulting in having illness so that they can maintain their body in healthier…show more content…
Until now, there are still many differences and inequalities between male and female. Gender is socially constructed categories of femininity for female and masculinity for male. Under femininity and masculinity, healthy men are thought to be independent, logical and adventurous and healthy women less aggressive, more emotional and easily hurt (Gayle, 2009). That means society already gives male and female a standard expectations ranging from proper behaviors to attitudes. With masculine scripts, men should be occupationally or financially successful. Men are also expected to become breadwinner. With feminine scripts, women should provide emotional support for others. Women are expected to become obedient. Thus, because of the script diversity between men and women, their health conditions could be totally

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