Social Inequality In Peter Van Buren's Goodnight American Dream

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From sea to shining sea the American Dream was embedded into our souls and ethics; this ideology brought new settlers and transformed our country. Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the American Dream as, “an American social ideal that stresses egalitarianism and especially material prosperity; also : the prosperity or life that is the realization of this ideal”. In other words the American Dream, is the equal opportunity for all to achieve success through hard work, creativity and determination. People like Jay Gatsby and Joy Mangano embodied the American Dream which launched their success, proving that this idea is pivotal in our society. However, with success comes downfall, known as the business cycle: the rise and fall in an economy.…show more content…
In Peter Van Buren article, Goodnight American Dream: The middle Class is Now a Minority, Van Buren details this division. Once representing 62% of Americans the middle class went from the backbone of our country to a minority. Due to the growing social inequality gap since 1970, the middle class is disappearing at a steady rate, now representing 43% of all Americans. This division of social classes divide the nation unequally as more people are falling to the lower class America. In 1970, 29% of the nation income went to the upper class of America, now it is staggering 49% of the national income will go towards the already wealthy (Van Buren). Consequently, socio-economic divide creates two Americas. Obviously, upper class Americans consider the American Dream alive and well because they are seeing the positive effects of high cash flows in their wallets. However, implications of this national divide are dark. This is my foundation of my essay, how the upper class Americans are handed the American Dream; while, lower class Americans are fighting for the chance to pursue the American Dreams. Through schools, neighborhoods and government we can see the reasons why the American Dream can only be pursued by few
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