Social Class And Inequality

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Social Class is defined as “a category of people with approximately similar incomes and occupations who have similar lifestyles,” (Marger 2014:409). Historically, social class has been debated in abundance because it plays a role in social stratification and inequality. Many factors including moving, education, occupation and gender affect social class and social mobility. MOBILITY Most Americans identify themselves as middle class even though only a fraction of families are actually considered middle class. My family is no different. Judy and David Yamada, the parents of my father, Derrick Yamada, rank themselves as upper middle class. David Yamada was born in Brighton, Colorado, to a farming family. His family was well known throughout the…show more content…
David Yamada’s family stressed the importance of education, and because of this, he obtained a master’s degree discontinuously. Judy Yamada holds a high school degree, she obtained an insurance license and a cosmetology license. “everything I needed to know I taught myself,” (Judy Yamada, March 21, 2018). Kenny Yamada has a bachelor’s degree and Dorothy has a high school degree and two years in the business school. Kenny spoke about how getting a college degree drastically changed their families social class. Following the social mobility idea explained in the textbook, Kenny was able to change his position in the social hierarchy from being poor to becoming part of the upper middle-class. Susan Yamada obtained a bachelor’s degree in family consumer sciences from Iowa State University and Derrick Yamada holds a high school degree and is a certified police officer. Passing it on from their parents, my parents have strongly advocated that my sister and I obtain college degrees and stressed the importance of an education. “No one can take your degree away from you,” as my mother always says. Education is a major factor in why my family has stayed in the middle…show more content…
Based off income, the approximate family income range for lower-middle class ranges from $40,000 to $80,000 and working-class ranges from $30,000 to $45,000 (Marger 2014:59). Journalists incomes vary between these two ranges. Journalists can work up the ladder to higher salaries, but it takes years. I do not plan on moving from the reporter level journalist, therefore restricting the amount of income that I will be able to take in. I also plan on budgeting every dime so that I can travel the world and experience things that I otherwise wouldn’t be able
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