Social Inequality In The 1930's

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Social inequality happened as often as breathing in the 1930’s and even still some in today's society. Economic inequality and tolerance back in the 1930’s compared to today's world is very different, now it doesn’t happen as often as it did. The way the world has evolved compared to then and now is substantial and reflects how we as people are becoming better. I will show you the way life has changed from how people get treated and the economic system has changed. In the book it was well known that a certain family in the town that got treated very poorly because of how they got their income and how much they got from it compared to every other person in town. Life in the 1930’s compared to the book and real life are on par. African Americans were treated very poorly for all the work they did and pay poorly as well. But also some families were entirely treated bad because of how much they made or what they did. Tolerance back then was a entire different ball game, Adults and kids looked down on most depending on wealth, skin color, or even by gender. Some kids was bullied severely just because they had to wear hand-me-downs or clothes that had patches on…show more content…
But others, still look down on people and don't try and help people like Scout when she invited Walter for dinner or how scout looks up to Calpurnia is a example. Now we try to accept people no matter what color, gender, age, sexual orientation, etc. Now we as people try our best not to offend someone or try to accept how they are and see from their point of view. A example of how now we accept something different is Legalizing gay marriage for all 50 states, yeah some people still won't accept it or will still hate it. But most people have or will just accept it because it's now a way of life and no matter what you do people won't be able to stop
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