Social Inequality In The God Of Small Things By Arundhati Roy

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In the contemporary scenario there are many women writers who, through their writings, have been successfully in protecting the existing social inequality. In case of Arundhati Roy, who has her own opinion on society and has successfully made a mark for herself in the world arena. Arundhati Roy’s novel The God of Small Things can be seen as one of the most powerful novels on definite social problems that of the oppression of the downtrodden, also touching upon related problems. The present study aims to highlight the social discriminations which the characters suffer throughout the novel. Light will be thrown on how women protagonists are victims of the prevalent gross gender discrimination. The paper tries to explore those men and women who have been relegated to the margin of the society and have to pay a price for being born either an untouchable or a woman. Through the character of Valutha, Roy has portrayed that the untouchable is completely neglected in society and is a victim of class discrimination. He remains a ‘dalit’ and is not a fully privileged of free India.
Key Words: Untouchability, inequality, exploitation, domination, society, oppression, gender, caste.
The famous booker prize winner Indian novelist Arundhati Roy is deeply involved with India’s social problems, particularly those concerning the socially marginalized and dispossessed people i.e., dalits, women etc. In the novel entitled “The God of Small Things” Valutha represents the

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