Social Inequality In The Media

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This essay will argue how the public's perception of mainstream culture dictates the rendering of social inequalities in terms of race, gender, and class into media images. This follows the changes in special attention to the role that the mass media plays in the process of anomaly elaboration, and due to complicated social operation through which moral panics are forged. It will further argue that a societal reaction towards people and their cultures is true, because of how subcultural knowledge is disseminated throughout the community by the myriad of overlapping connections in which a population belongs to. One of the ruinous forms of media images is that it has forged societies unofficial interpretations of normalcy. The audience then…show more content…
Television and movies act as a gateway for people to use how characters are portrayed as a symbol to contract the identities of people with and about whom they interact. It could be an unintentional yet subliminal way to persuade the masses that this is what they should be buying into. Thus, causing the audience to use it as a guide when associating themselves with others outside their class system. However, media is also the key to overcoming barriers regarding such stereotyping and progressively achieving gender equality, stopping racial profiling and attaining a non-biased class structure because they are distributors and operators of social change. We are saturated with messages propagated by mass media. Through this, it has the ability to be especially harmful when comparing gender, race and/or class on the grounds that it constructs negative perceptions of those involved. Furthermore, reinforcing them on a daily basis albeit through cinema or advertising. It offers the public a way to frame what subcultures do and proves to be notoriously problematic because they often lack the state of being precise. Media is still vital because it can be used to socialize and on the other hand to make decisions and formulates opinions: it builds up the notoriety of vices. With the Internet being readily available to the younger generation, they end up learning certain material, which are not suitable for their age. They get disclosed to impropriety and improper acts. They become wrapped up in a divergent world - one of fantasy. It allows them to grow up with misguided preconceptions and
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