Social Influence Essay

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Social influence. According to (Konana & Balasubramanian, 2005; Talukder & Quazi, 2011) is defined as the extent to which members of a social group influence one another’s behavior in adoption. Moreover, Social influence has been recognized concerning the implementation of innovation on champions, who are the change agents for implementing a new innovation (Jeyaraj & Sabherwal, 2008). Social influence can be a factor in the individual’s adoption of an innovation, as long as the individual believes adopting would be beneficial and, thus, the individual may imitate (Frambach & Schillewaert, 2002). innovation may be adopted by an due to their perception of peer pressure (Talukder, 2012). Peer pressure to adopt HRA may be stemming from other HR professionals or HR associations at both the national or local levels as well as globally, through HR social media networks.
According to Newell and Swan (1995), A new technology cannot be implemented by a firm unless awareness about it is first introduced to members of that firm. Therefore, an important part of the diffusion process involves the diffusion of knowledge and information that allow [sic] people in
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