Social Influence Of Smoking

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According to health promotion board survey, social influence is one of the main factors in a youth 's uptake of smoking. Media and entertainment industry do have a certain influence creating the perception smoking is a harmless way of reliving stress.
Besides creating the perception that smoking is a harmless way of relieving stress, the media and celebrities have an impact on the way teenager think. For example, based on an article from The Strait Times, “vaping” is the act of smoking e-cigarette which have become an official word as many celebrities are doing it and the attention it gained from the media.
The editorial director Judy Pearsall said “Vaping has gone mainstream," with usage doubling in 2014 compared to 2013.
"The language usage of the word vape and related terms in 2014 has shown a marked increase" due to celebrities "vaping" and "growing public debate on the public dangers and the need for regulation". This is further proved by another article The Straits Times (Chow, 2009), it states that “Singapore authorities are also likely to ban e-cigarettes, which are gaining popularity here.”
This shows that celebrities and the media do have an influence over the way the teenagers think and
In this interconnected world, events that happen in a country, does not affect the country itself. The same applies to celebrities, whereby everything they do is now being known throughout the world. For example, Singaporean do not just watch local drama, but also Hollywood,

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