Social Influence On Basketball Australia

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Basketball is a very well-known sport played by 213 countries globally (Basketball Australia), in Australia though only a minor 1 million out the total population of 23 million. This is one of the major access factors because of the low amount of people playing the sport. The main access and equity factors that have the biggest impact are my dad’s sporting background, the availability of basketball, me already participating in a club sport and the culture of sport in Australia. The recommendations I am putting forward for the BSHS is to make basketball played in multiple grades instead of a maximum of two possible chances to be played. Have basketball coaches or players come in to teach, similar to wrestling, also to have basketball to be more advertised and talked about around school and at assembly. Two socialising factors that have affected my access and equity are…show more content…
One of the factors that has deterred my access from basketball is my dad. This is because “sport activity of significant others appears to be important source of social influence” (The Journal of The Royal Society for the Promotion of Health, 2008). My dad grew up playing soccer and finished playing in his university years because of his cultural socialisation in his early childhood. Therefore when I turned 6 the sport he wanted me playing was soccer. This is very common as “with regarding to
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