Factors Affecting Adolescent Sexual Behavior

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Firstly, what is the definition of adolescent? Adolescent describes the teenage years between 13 to 19 years of age. It can also be known as the transitional stage between childhood and adulthood, though its physical, psychological and cultural expressions may begin prior and end at a later stage . Since at the age of three and by the time children reach their adolescent stage, they would have known about their sexual identities whether they are male or female. Adolescent is also “a time of identity formation in every area of life” where the teenagers will be exploring on their identities. At times, it can also be very confusing and distorting. It is very challenging on how to understand and determine how do they live out their masculinity…show more content…
There are four influences that affect the adolescent sexual behavior. First influence will be biological influence. Biological influence is associate with early initiation of sexual activity, particularly will be the boys. Secondly will be the psychological influence. For every adolescent, intellectual and emotional development lags behind the behavioral influence. This can lead to confusion and vulnerability of the teenager. For example, research shows that adolescents who did sexual intercourse at an early age will tend to place higher value to independence while a lower value to academic achievement. Early sexual intercourse usually happens when the teenagers have problem disorders such as smoking, delinquent behavior and abuse. They also tend to be more socially critical, more tolerance towards defiance and becoming less religious. Thirdly will be influences from family and peers. Adolescent sexual behavior is able to be affected through personal characteristics, family structure and relationships with peers. A positive relationship with good communication patterns will increase the probability that family values will be transferred into the adolescents more successfully. High peer involvement can work against, and sometime even override parental involvement. Girls tend to be more sexually active when their friends also sexually active. On the other hand, boys tend to pick their friends who have sexual experience. Fourth and last influence will be on society and culture. The sexual behavior of adolescents tend to be strongly influenced and can produce negative consequences by perceived cultural norms. For example, in USA, the average age of girls married 100 years ago was at the age of 14 and 15 years while in today’s age, girls tend to marry at the average age of 24 years old. The other example is in mensuration. 100 years ago, girls’ mensuration age was 13 years old. In today’s society, the
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