Social Injustice: Baltimore United For Change

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The social injustice I chose is police brutality against blacks/people of color. Police officers are using excessive force, and in many cases resulting in deaths. Due to the police field being primarily white, its looked at as a racial attack on non-whites. Due to the racial difference, it looks as though communities with a high amount of colored people are being targeted to brutalize, harass, and be murdered by police. There are reports with evidence of police killing, and issuing beatings that are uncalled for in cases, such as traffic stops, pools, etc. For example, the Sandra Bland case. One narrative from “”, is in 1994 a 13-yr. old named Nicholas Heyward Jr was shot, and killed by a housing officer, while playing on a stairwell in a…show more content…
Those who don’t conform enough, or disown that they are colored will be dealt with, and could be at the hands of a police officer. One organization that stood out to me for being a change agent is ‘Baltimore United for Change”. An organization created after Freddie Gray’s death, and it purpose was to work on social justice within Baltimore, Md. Baltimore United for Change philosophy is to help strengthen small organizations to help the black community in Baltimore. Baltimore United has provided trainings that teach the community about knowing their rights, they created bail support, and has created safe harbors for families. Interactionist theory would best fit the organization because it focuses on a smaller group, and the interactions between them. For me to be a good change agent, I would bring my talent of being understanding. I would be understanding of every situation, and allow my sensitivity to shine through. To be a change agent that will make a difference, I would bring my talent of being authentic, and going with how I feel. I would want to provide the best for everyone, and would love to change things for the

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