Social Injustice In America

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To me, a social injustice is an act in which an individual or group of individuals are not treated fairly based on his or her gender, sexuality, citizenship status, and/or ethnicity. social injustices arise when individuals, who should be considered as equals, are treated unequally. This is caused by barriers, such as racism, oppression, discrimination, and sexism. Social injustices will not be fixed until the individuals who do not respect others start realizing that it is not our differences that should be held against us, but embraced and glorified. Everyone is different, not one person is the same as the next. A social injustice that I have become aware of within the past year is rape culture and the victim blaming that comes with rape…show more content…
Rape culture in America definitely exists and it is most prevalent when a female gets drunk and is raped because she is asked," You were drinking, what did you expect to happen?" This is a prime example because a woman should not have to explain herself when she is raped. It is not her fault.

Rape culture also includes when a woman is catcalled or asked what she was wearing when she was raped. A friend of mine was wearing a tank top and shorts, the shorts were not very short and her tank top was not low-cut, and she was walking down her street as a bunch of middle aged men catcalled her and made comments about what she was wearing in the ninety degree weather that summer. We were 14. We were both terrified as this happened and she went home crying.

One in five women in the United States survive rape or attempted rape. But, not only women can be sexually assaulted. One in six men are assaulted or abused before the age of eighteen. About ninety-seven percent of rapists never spend one single day in prison, whether there is a lack of evidence or the victim simply cannot report it because he or she is terrified of being killed or the chances of it happening
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